marshall_051Having started and run three businesses, including a $25 million organization, Duane had already built his own veritable résumé as an entrepreneur before meeting Gino Wickman in 2009. Still, their conversation changed his entire outlook on running businesses.

It was while talking to Gino that Duane realized all of the mistakes, challenges, obstacles and opportunities he’d experienced on his journey — all of those moving parts that had made him feel isolated, lonely and confused — were actually not that unusual. In fact, they’re extremely common for entrepreneurs.

It was at that point that Duane decided to team up with EOS and make the transition from being an entrepreneur to being an entrepreneur that could help others, to help them learn what he’d just learned. As a Certified EOS Implementer, Duane now spends all of his time helping business leaders get control of their organizations while obtaining well-balanced lives.

Duane’s energy is contagious no matter the occasion, whether it’s in a client session, at a keynote address or while rolling up his sleeves in a workshop.

He works throughout the U.S. but lives in Troy, Mich., with his wife Kris and son Trevor.