“Duane, I am very glad that I attended your presentation.  You packed a ton of information into a short time.  Since then, I have been reading Traction and trying to wrap my head around how these concepts can be applied in a small government department.  The part of your presentation I found most useful was the Level 10 Meeting.  This is where I will be starting my efforts to implement EOS.  If I can gain better control of the meetings, I should be able to focus the team aon agreeing about our Rocks.  Regular reports on the Rocks should result in incremental achivements towards our short and long term goals.”

-James B. Lenze

Library Director

Garden City Public Library

“I cannot say enough good things about the positive impact of the EOS model and the great job Duane Marshall does as a speaker and facilitator.  Duane has facilitated our Board Strategy Summit for th epast two years and does a spectacular job keeping twelve board members engaged and working together using EOS to establish a common vision and goals to be achieved.  Duane has also twice been a guest speaker delivering training on EOS process.  These events have been our highest rated events and inspired many companies (including mine!) to implement EOS in their companies.  I am recommending Duane Marshall and EOS to every business owner I know.”

-Rick Snide


Revolution Group

“Duane Marshall skillfully guided our new EO Board to the chapter’s first 3-year strategic plan using the EOS process.  He then gave a half-day workshop to the chapter.  Not only did the process work and have staying power for the board, but literally 50% of the board has adopted it for their own companies.  Duane knows EOS, and he knows EO.  I was one of the board members who adopted EOS for my company.  We now speak with one voice, hold each other accountable, have a road map for where we’re going, and a process to get there.  Having been in business since 1983, I can vouch for EOS being the most powerful tool ever.  It combines the best of the best into an efficient, simple, executable process.”

-Sandy Fekete


Marketing Works

“Working with Duane in the “Pure Business Process” sales increased year over year 25%.  The expectation and plan is to again increase sales 15% this year.  Everyone in the organization knows exactly who we are, what we stand for and what our purpose is as a business.  They know exactly what is expected of them and what they can expect from us as leaders in the organization.  I am not saying Duane magically gave us values, focus, purpose and determination, admittedly they have been in us as an organization the whole time but Duane and this process has given us the tools to actually document them and use them to our advantage.”

-Anthony Lasita


Cinpak Inc.

“We worked with Duane Marshall, an implementer of the EOS system, and the experience positively rocked our world.  We clarified roles, where we were going, what it would look like…the list goes on and on.  It’s no coincidence that the EOS book is called Traction, as that is exactly what the system delivers.”

-Catherine Juon